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Field service



Beijing ShanPeng SMO (site management organization) was officially established in 2017. It is committed to introducing international advanced clinical trial management system, providing professional services related to clinical trials, assisting researchers and research institutions in the transactional work of clinical non-medical judgment, and providing high-quality and efficient services for the growing number of clinical trials from all over the world, Improve the quality and progress of clinical trials and promote the standardization process of clinical trials. Main business: responsible for the management of national clinical CRC personnel, providing clinical trial research coordination services, hospital research reports, questionnaires and other services.

Good SMO service takes the interests of customers as the first, takes a responsible attitude towards customers, makes projects professionally, solidly and honestly, is responsible for each project of each customer, and is committed to providing the best CRC for center resident management services.

The CRC team provided by shanpeng SMO service mainly has professional backgrounds such as nursing, medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology, and more than 90% of them have bachelor's degree; The rest are graduate students or above, with rich working experience and many years of market experience; Good English level, above 88% CET-4 level. Be familiar with ICH-GCP, GCP and clinical management norms of medical devices, and have passed the national GCP examination and obtained the national GCP certificate. After good CRC professional skill training, be familiar with the hospital environment, medical treatment process and CRC responsibilities; Familiar with CRF filling; Be familiar with the transportation of blood samples and laboratory requirements; Be familiar with the use of various devices, have rich experience in device clinical trials, and are high-quality professional CRC.

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